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The most important wine events in the Czech Republic


Znojemská Wine Sub-region



Winemakers have a permanent service during the summer (and often longer) in a number of wine municipalities. So you can go to the wine cellar when you go to wine in South Moravia. In these municipalities, you can visit at least one wine cellar during the specified opening hours from Friday to Sunday, and on the remaining days of the week, after prior arrangement. You will meet this service in the Znojemská Wine Sub-region as part of the events Vinařská pohotovost (Wine emergency) in Šatov, Týdny vinaře v Šaldorfských sklepech (Weeks of the winemaker in Šaldorf wine cellars).

Where and when:
Šatov, April-September,
Nový Šaldorf-Sedlešovice, the end of April – September,


VOC ZNOJMO in the Znojmo centre, has prepared an information centre for you, in the tower Vlkova věž, on Kolárova Street, where you can learn all about VOC wineries and wine events in Znojmo, taste the VOC wines and see a view of Znojmo and its beautiful surroundings.

Where and when: Znojmo, April–October,


The VOC label belongs to the three most successful varieties of the Znojmo region – Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Grüner Veltliner. The VOC wines enter the market at the beginning of May within the VOC Znojmo Wine Festival. The event follows the local tradition of merging culture and wine. The programme involves a festive wine christening and tasting of all samples. During the two days, visitors can enjoy not only VOC wines, but also dulcimer and ethnic music, folklore performances and the gastronomic show of the Znojmo restaurants, with the offer of specialities of Czech cuisine.

Where and when: Znojmo, 8th May,


The best rosé wines from Moravia and Bohemia meet in Znojmo in the Jarovín Rosé spring national competition. More than two hundred wine samples are assessed by renowned wine experts from the Czech Republic. The programme involves expert seminars, wine tasting and an accompanying programme for children and adults; the bravest ones can participate in the wine decathlon. In May, you can taste rosé wines in the streets of historic Znojmo and during the month in other places of the Czech Republic. You can enjoy gastronomical experiences, which combine delicious food, rosé wine samples, stylish atmosphere and dining, music and, last but not least, the spoken word-comments on selected wines by a famous sommelier.

Where and when: Znojmo, May,


Great music, perfect dramaturgy and interesting performers, all this in a town of music with many beautiful nooks. The Znojmo festival has a fantastic audience, unique atmosphere and, on top of that, every concert is accompanied by wine tasting. An interesting point is the tower music – an evening fanfare to wish the town good night, played from the Town Hall Tower.

Where and when: Znojmo, July,


A grand celebration in the historic centre of Znojmo reminds the visitors of the medieval history of the royal town. Tens of thousands of visitors return to the atmosphere of the days in May 1327, when Bohemian King, John of Luxemburg, with his wife, Elisabeth, and the Royal Court came to the town. The stylish festival of music, dance and entertainment is accompanied by a rich programme – parades with hundreds of characters in historic costumes, a medieval fair, military camp, performances of conjurers, jugglers and historic fencing groups, knight jousting, theatre, competitions for children and fireworks. Of course, the festival could never be without the tasting of wine and stum, a spiritual programme in the church of St. Michael and St. Nicholas and the exhibition “Znojemsko – zahrada Moravy” (the Znojmo Region – Garden of Moravia).

Where and when: Znojmo, September,


Mikulovská Wine Sub-region



One of the most prestigious wine competitions, connected with traditional exhibition and the wine tasting of almost 1,000 best awarded local and foreign wines, celebrated its 51th anniversary in 2018. Every year at the beginning of May, hundreds of wine lovers come to Valtice Chateau. The Valtice Wine Markets (Valtické vinné trhy) are not just a competition of winemakers capable of supplying the market, but also a social event. The traditional awards are: the prestigious CHAMPION VVT awards – in white and red wine categories and for best rated foreign wine. As the Valtice Wine Markets are one of the most strictly assessed exhibitions in the Czech Republic, these awards are highly respected. The exhibition is open for the public on Friday from 2.00 pm., Saturday from 10.00 am, always to 10.00 pm.

Where and when: Valtice, May,


Winemakers have a permanent service during the summer (and often longer) in a number of wine municipalities. So you can go to the wine cellar when you go to wine in South Moravia. In these municipalities, you can visit at least one wine cellar during the specified opening hours from Friday to Sunday, and on the remaining days of the week, after prior arrangement. You will meet this service in the Mikulovská Wine Sub-region as part of the events Summer of Open Wine Cellars in Pavlov and Summer Open Wine Cellars in Dolní Dunajovice and Březí.

Where and when:
Pavlov, June-September,
Dolní Dunajovice and Březí, July-September,


The three-day-long vintage festival celebrates the Mikulov lord, John of Liechtenstein, who, in 1403, liberated Bohemian King Wenceslas IV from a Viennese prison and provided him with shelter. Every year three days at the beginning of September in Mikulov belong to historic parades, the town centre changes into a historic market and in the chateau halls and cellars you can experience a real feast. The military camp in the chateau park offers competitions for children and adults with replicas of historic weapons; in the chateau cellar by the giant barrel you can taste samples of awarded wines. During the vintage festival, a tasting takes place of more than 600 samples of wines that compete in the National Wine Competition – the Nomination Competition of the Mikulovská Wine Sub-region and compete for the title „Gold medal of the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic.

Where and when: Mikulov, September,


Capital of wine – Valtice, owns its title also thanks to the fact that there are several facilities that deal with wine enlightenment here. You can come to South Moravia in any season and always combine your visit with the extension of your knowledge about wine. You can choose from one-day courses, weekend stays or longer-term programmes. Younger ones can even devote themselves to full-time study at the Wine School Valtice. Those who have left school desks may visit courses at the National Wine Centre or the Wine Academy in Valtice. Among the most popular are a one-day ABC of wine tasting and weekend course Wine Academy I – Kadet.

Where and when: Valtice, year-round,,


Velkopavlovická Wine Sub-region



Lots of good mood and smiles go hand in hand with good wine – that is the one day event in the largest wine municipality, Velké Bílovice, based on the ancient tradition of a tour around wine cellars and wine tasting. Each participant receives a tasting glass, a catalogue of winemakers, a pen, map with several dozen marked wine cellars and coupons for the entry, tasting and purchase of selected wines.

Where and when: Velké Bílovice, turn of March and April,


A wine tasting of winemakers from Čejkovice directly in their vineyards, in the most natural environment. A nice 6 km long walk through vineyards, the birthplace of grapes, and even the wine of Čejkovice winemakers are waiting for you. The whole event starts from the castle, where the convoy of 30 tractors starts, and local winemakers will head to their stations. The event is suitable for walking and cycling and is held in any weather.

Where and when: Čejkovice, April,


Wine tasting of the prestigious international competition GRAND PRIX VINEX is held annually at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Visitors can taste approximately 500 wines that have received at least a set point limit in the competition. The main award ceremony happens on Saturday. Along with the wine tasting, it is possible to visit an exhibition of minerals, fossils, jewellery and products of nature, Minerals Brno.

Where and when: Brno, May,,


A traditional and popular event of winemakers from Velké Pavlovice promises an interesting programme for the 1st Saturday in May, when more than 20 local wineries offer about 300 wine samples for tasting. There is also evening entertainment with dulcimer music.

Where and when: Velké Pavlovice, May,


Traditional wine markets with wine tasting are a great tip for a pleasant spring weekend. Every year, the visitors can try more than 600 wine samples from Čejkovice and environs, made by small winemakers and big wineries. Awards are given to the champion of the exhibition and winners in individual varieties. A rich accompanying programme involves a parade with brass band music and majorettes, a fair of traditional trades, tours through the Templar cellars and house of T. G. Masaryk. The vintage wine auction is also very popular; you can buy award-winning wines from the previous exhibitions.

Where and when: Čejkovice, turn of May and June,


The start of summer in Velké Pavlovice smells of wine and apricots. Wine cellars are open, the young and vintage wines are tasted, dulcimer music is in the evening. It may surprise you that the cellars open at 5 pm and officially close at midnight. A sparkling full stop to the nice day is fireworks.

Where and when: Velké Pavlovice, July,


The stum season is a  celebration for winemakers in the entire South Moravia; the celebrations are usually buoyant with all kinds of entertainment. If you really want to enjoy it, go to Hustopeče.

Where and when: Hustopeče, October,


Winemakers have a permanent service during the summer (and often longer) in a number of wine municipalities. So you can go to the wine cellar when you go to wine in South Moravia. In these municipalities, you can visit at least one wine cellar during the specified opening hours from Friday to Sunday, and on the remaining days of the week, after prior arrangement. You will meet this service in the Velkopavlovická Wine Sub-region as part of the events Za vinařem do Velkých Bílovic (To the winemaker of Velké Bílovice), Summer Open Wine Cellars Velké Pavlovice and Čejkovice, Open Wine Cellars Hustopeče.

Where and when:
Velké Bílovice, April – September,
Velké Pavlovice, the end of April – September,
Vrbice, June – August
Hustopeče, Horní Bojanovice, Kurdějov, Nikolčice, Popice, Starovice, Velké Němčice, June – September,
Hustopeče, June – August,
Čejkovice, June – September,
Kobylí, June – October,


Traditionally on Martin’s day at náměstí Svobody in Brno is held a St. Martin‘s wine tasting (Svatomartinský košt) organized by the Wine Fund. The whole event begins with the arrival of a ceremonial parade led by St. Martin. The first bottle of young St. Martin‘s wine is opened at 11 am, followed by a festive toast. Accompanied by dulcimer music, visitors have the opportunity to taste St. Martin’s wine in all its forms – white, red, rosé, individual varieties or cuvée. The largest show of St. Martin’s wines offers hundred samples from a hundred different winemakers. The St. Martin’s wines can be purchased from the present winemakers.

Where and when: Brno, 11th November,


Slovácká Wine Sub-region



St. Joseph’s wine tasting, wine exhibitions and other events take place around the 19th of March, when all Josephs celebrate their name day. Wine is accompanied by local specialities, fruit spirits and brandies.

Where and when: various places (Strážnice, Kyjov…), March,


A popular event “Putování po blatnických búdách” where you can soak up the atmosphere in the bustling wine street Búdy pod Starýma horama. The admission includes free wine tasting in all wine cellars, a tasting set, a catalogue of winemakers with a map, vouchers for wine collection, dulcimer music at the wine cellars, performances of male choirs and another rich accompanying programme including local specialties.

Where and when: Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem, May,


You can wander to the wine of twenty Hrušky winemakers during the open wine cellars in the Sklepní and Záhumení Street in Hrušky village. A number of interesting wines will be accompanied by tasty snacks. There are horse-drawn carriages every hour between the cellars. Dulcimer music plays and a live band takes care of the evening entertainment.

Where and when: Hrušky, the 1st Saturday in July,


The ancient tradition is connected with viticulture and viniculture. It is held at various places in South Moravia, usually on the last Saturday in August; it means closing the vineyard, nobody else than the winegrower can enter it until grape picking.

Where and when: various places (Vlkoš, Šardice, Strážnice…), turn of August and September,


A unique event where you can meet a blend of the temperament of folk traditions, culture and diversity of the Slovácko region costumes, and music with a spontaneous atmosphere during two days of September. The festivities are not just an “ordinary” folklore festival, but also a real representative ethnographic celebration, with more than 60 towns and villages across the Slovácko region. The royal town, Uherské Hradiště – the heart of this region, offers a unique experience and a taste of living folklore traditions in the spirit of wine traditions, folk songs and dances with wine tasting, stum and regional specialties. On the first day an exhibition of wine takes place to win the title „Gold medal of the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic“ in the National Wine Competition – the Nomination Competition of the Slovácká Wine Sub-region. There is also the opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines from winemakers from the Slovácko region and sing with dulcimer music.

Where and when: Uherské hradiště, September,


The festival of wine and folklore is the biggest event of its kind in the Hodonín region. Wine and stum tasting are waiting for you in the houses around the square, knight tournaments for children and adults, craft fair, performances of music bands, folklore ensembles, choirs, parades in costume through the town and other entertainment. Even the youngest visitors can really enjoy themselves and try grape processing, from picking to pressing.

Where and when: Strážnice, September,


This renewed festival follows up one of the oldest traditional events of its kind in Moravia. You will see a parade in folk costumes through the town, open-air folklore ensemble performances, entertainment programmes in the House of culture and the opening of exhibitions. At the same time, you can enjoy the tasting of local and foreign wine and stum in the chateau courtyard and wine cellars. Accompanied by dulcimer music.

Where and when: Bzenec, September,


Winemakers have a permanent service during the summer (and often longer) in a number of wine municipalities. So you can go to the wine cellar when you go to wine in South Moravia. In these municipalities, you can visit at least one wine cellar during the specified opening hours from Friday to Sunday, and on the remaining days of the week, after prior arrangement. You will meet this service in the Slovácká Wine Sub-region as part of the events K Šidlenám za vinařem! (To Šidleny to the winemaker!), Do Blatnice k vinařovi (To Blatnice to the winemaker), Na skok k mikuleckému vinaři (Jump to the Mikulčice winemaker), Do sklepa na Moravu (To the wine cellar to Moravia) and Léto a podzim u vinaře (Summer and autumn at the winemaker).

Where and when:
Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem, May-September,
Milotice, June-October,
Mikulčice, June-September,
Moravská Nová Ves, July – September,
Moravská Nová Ves, July – September,
Mutěnice, Juy -September,


Bohemia Wine Region



Vinařské Litoměřice (Wine-growing Litoměřice) is an exhibition of Bohemian and Moravian wines with international participation. It is the most prestigious exhibition of Bohemian wines. It is held annually in the House of culture and the Gothic castle Litoměřice in April. After the two days of the exhibition, it is possible to have a wine tasting. During the second day, you can participate in the accompanying programmes “Wine and Food“ and “Wine and Health”.

Where and when: Litoměřice, April,


Rosé Wine Feast is one of the traditional peaks of the Moravian and Bohemian rosé wine season. The winemakers will offer the chance to taste and buy their rosé wines with a wide range of colours, shades, aromas and flavours in the attractive premises of the St. Wenceslas‘ Vineyard and the Villa Richter in Prague Castle area every year on the 1st of May. Come and taste rosé wines in various forms (dry, sweet, cuvée, sparkling wine…) from more than 20 Moravian and Bohemian wineries. The tasting of rosé wines under the open sky with impressive views of old Prague is organized by the Wine Fund already from 2009.

Where and when: Prague, 1st May,


The international wine fair for professionals and the expert public is held in May in Prague. The professional environment and modern fairgrounds, with perfect service and all necessary services, are accompanied by a varied programme in several tasting and presentation halls.

Where and when: Prague, May,


Pardubice belongs to wine lovers during the weekend at the end of August. The celebrations are also a massive education of wine; the tasting is accompanied by practical demonstrations of wine production, wine competitions in several categories, and especially wine night with a fire show and an accompanying programme at Pernštýnské square.

Where and when: Pardubice, the end of August,


Wine festivals have been held in Mělník since 1911. With a three-day wine tasting, you will taste the local stum and wine of local winemakers and discover the ancient town above the confluence of Elbe and Vltava with its historical monuments. The multi-genre programme offers the traditional Charles IV parade, street theatres, concerts, fairy tales, gastronomic specialties and fairs. The Saturday night fireworks is the culmination of the programme.

Where and when: Mělník, September,


Not only a traditional feast with semi-fermented wines (burčák) from local vineyards and wines from Bohemia and Moravia, but also a music festival and fun for the whole family. Combined with an exhibition of vintage cars and a festival of chamber music, selected sights are accessible for free. The festival begins with the arrival of Praotec Čech (Forefather Čech) with a parade.

Where and when: Roudnice nad Labem, September,


A series of Prague administrative and city districts started to organize vintage festivals and various wine celebrations. The vintage festival in the Troja Chateau takes place directly under the vineyard of St. Klára and you can try stum and samples of wines from vineyards in Prague, and from other places in Bohemia and Moravia. The dulcimer music of the Prague “Slovácký krúžek”, has traditionally great success; a tour of the chateau wine cellars and the programme for children, which takes place in the gardens of Troja Chateau and the famous maze.

Where and when: Troja Chateau in prague, September,


The competition maps Bohemian and Moravian viniculture, and has presented and compared wines on our market every year since 2006. The competition is accompanied by Královské košty (Royal Tastings), where the 300 best wines are presented. The series of guided wine tastings, with 15 top wines, including the champion and category winners, are organized in wine stores and partner companies every autumn.

Where and when: prague, November,



A unique 1,200 km long networkof marked cycling routes interlacing all South Moravian wine sub-regions. The project, coordinated by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, involves 230 wine villages and towns. Maps containing information about the route length, altitude profile and road surface are available for each individual circuit as well as the spinal Moravian Wine Trail. Information boards and signposts with pictograms identify points of interest and services along the way.


The red-markedspinal route of the Moravian wine trails connects the ancient town of Znojmo with Uherské Hradiště, the metropolis of Slovácko. The 292 km long arterial road passes through all the Moravian wine sub-regions and crosses 7 out of the 10 local wine route circuits. 70 wine municipalities and 10 protected nature areas are located along the route.


The route startsin Moravany and connects the Moravian metropolis with routes of the Znojemská and Velkopavlovická Sub-regions. It is 92 km long and takes the cyclists for example to Dolní Kounice where excellent red wines are grown, to the Jihlava River valley, the Jihlava River Plain National Park or the Nové Mlýny reservoirs.


The longest routeconnecting nearly 60 wine towns and villages on 165 km of length. This route is not a closed circuit, but it passes through the most interesting places of the Znojemská Wine Sub-region. The area along the Dyje River offers flat road sections and fine roads between fields and vineyards. Lovers of rougher terrains will enjoy the Podyjí National Park.


In the south the routepasses through the Lednice-Valtice Composed Landscape, it is 82 km long and quite flat, reaching the highest point at the Rajstna colonnade from where it further follows the Austrian-Czech border. In the north it leads through places of the oldest human settlement, the wine-growing region of Pálava and the surroundings of the Nové Mlýny reservoirs


The northern partof the 110 km long, richly branched trails leads to a wine region with an attractive terrain and several lookout towers (Velké Pavlovice, Bořetice). From the Velké Pavlovice region, an area with a number of open wine cellars, the route leads via the vale of Dolnomoravský úval around the Nové Mlýny reservoirs to the Lednice-Valtice area.


The Mutěnice area formsthe border between the northern and southern Moravian wine subregions. The mostly flat, 65 km long route through the gently undulating landscape of the Kyjov Hills can be divided into two smaller circuits following well passable consolidated dirt roads. There are several short climbs leading to nice lookout points.


The route throughthe flatland of Podluží is 115 km long, with asphalt roads alternating with dirt roads. In several places it is possible to admire rural architecture of cellars. The southern part of the route leads to two well-known Slavic settlements of Pohansko and Valy u Mikulčic; the northern part enters the forested area of Dolňácko near Kyjov.


85 km long routewith a rougher hilly profile presents a challenge for capable cyclists. The route follows the gently undulating Kyjov Hills and the Chřiby foothills, passing by several lookout points. Several of its branches are connected with routes passing through the neighbouring areas of Bzenec, Velké Pavlovice and Mutěnice.


The shortest, only 26 km long route follows mostly roads of the 3rd class via the hilly area of the Kyjov Hills, and near Bzenec and Vracov it enters the vale of Dolnomoravský úval. The circuit is connected to the Kyjov, Uherské Hradiště and Strážnice Wine Trails, and part of the route is parallel to the spinal Moravian Wine Trail.


A 101 km long,winding road leading mostly along quiet roads, with about 20 km of consolidated or grassy dirt roads. The flat route rises up only in the White Carpathians foothills and in several parts of the Hlucká Higlands. Thanks to its rich branching, the route connects the Strážnice region with Podluží, Uherské Hradiště and Bzenec wine routes.


An ideal routefor a day-long family trip is 75 km long and leads through a gently undulating hilly area along quiet roads and cycling trails. The heart of the route is Uherské Hradiště, the metropolis of Slovácko, from where it heads to Kostelany. In other directions, it is possible to continue to Polešovice along the Morava River or to the south to a spa town of Ostrožská Nová Ves and to Dolňácko.



The Wine Salon of the Czech Republic

The tasting exhibition of the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic (CR) is located in the historic castle buildings in Valtice in the National Wine Center (NVC) area, renovated with the assistance of the EU and the Ministry of Agriculture. The reception area of the wine tasting exhibition of the Wine Salon also serves as an information center for Moravian and Bohemian wines. Valtice is the center of viticulture and tourism in the region. It is situated in a beautiful area known as the “pearl of South Moravia” – the Lednice-Valtice area, which is registered in the register of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage UNESCO.

The Wine Salon – National Wine Competition of the Czech Republic is the biggest of all the competitions within the ambit of the National Wine Competitions and links together all the sub-region nominational competitions. The competition is organised by the National Wine Centre under the auspices of the Winemakers‘ Association of the Czech Republic. Each year around 1500 wines participate in these competitions. Only wines produced from grapes grown in the wine regions of Czech Republic (the Moravian wine region and the Bohemian wine region) are eligible to enter the competitions. The registered wines are assessed by a specialised independent tasting committee. In the first round the best 200 wines are selected, out of which the best 100 wines are chosen during the second – final – round and these are awarded the Gold medal of the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic in line with the conditions in the competition statutes. At the same time the committee selects the best wine overall giving it the title “Champion“ and the category winners and then confers the prize for the best collection of wines. Other wines in the final two hundred are rewarded with silver medals from the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic, which is conditional on their having achieved a minimum of 83 points out of a possible 100 in the final round. The wines in this contest are chosen by our very best tasters who have passed international exams in line with the norms of ČSN ISO. The National Wine Centre, as the only competent organisation in this country, has also developed a system for further education and evaluation of wine tasters. Awards in this, the highest national wine competition are very prestigious both for any given wine and for the winemaker who produced it. Wines receiving a gold medal at the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic are displayed throughout the following year at the public tasting exhibition in the cellars of the National Wine Centre in the chateau of Valtice. Here they are at the disposal of visitors who have the chance of tasting and getting to know the best Moravian and Czech wines in this representational environment while simultaneously becoming acquainted with all the essential information about each wine and all the winemakers whose products adorn the Wine Salon showcase. Within the framework of this collection of the one hundred wines with gold medals from the Wine Salon there are short thematic presentations, e.g. the selection of wines with silver medals from the Wine Salon, young rosé wines, wines with awards from foreign competitions, etc. The wines on display are all available for purchasing. The sale of presentation cases of bottles, wine literature, tasting glasses and sommeliers’ gadgets are all an essential part of the exhibition as is the “Hall of Fame of Moravian and Czech Viticulture“, a presentation of the victorious partners‘ competition “Winery of the Year“, organised by the Association Of Winemakers of the Czech Republic.