The second day of the evaluation of the international wine competition Concours Mondial de Bruxelles took place in a similar spirit to the introductory one. Wine experts sat at their tables on Saturday, 5 September at 8:30 a.m. and assessed the submitted wine samples until 1 p.m. Lunch followed the tasting, and then another special afternoon programme was prepared for the international jurors, whose main task was to introduce them to South Moravia, and the wine and viticulture in this region. The whole day was undertaken again in a very professional manner with increased hygienic and safety measures.

After the evaluation, lunch and a short rest, the jurors divided themselves into several groups and went on planned trips to explore the wine attractions of the South Moravian Region. They visited the well-known and modern wineries of Sonberk, Gotberg, ANNOVINO in Lednice and the Obelisk on the outskirts of Valtice. The cultural-historical part of the excursion was a visit to the famous Lednice Chateau and its unique adjacent park. The tour finished in Valtice where a dinner was prepared for the jury with the possibility to taste Moravian wines from selected wineries, supplemented by South Moravian folk music and dance performances. In Valtice, the international evaluators were welcomed by the mayor Ing. Pavel Trojan. Of course, there was also the opportunity to visit the Czech Wine Salon, i.e. a tasting exhibition of the 100 best wines from Moravia and Bohemia in 2020, where the guests were hosted by the director of the National Wine Centre in Valtice, Ing. Pavel Krška.